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Waiting List and Centre Tours: We conduct Centre Tours every Tuesday morning at 09.30 am. Bookings are not required. At this time, prospective parents may gain a  copy of the Waiting List application, find out more about our Centre and ascertain the likelihood of our Centre being able to meet your future childcare requirements. We look forward to meeting all of our future parents (and children) so please don't hesitate to come by and take a look. 


Requested bookings: We complete our bookings via set days. We only offer two, three and five day bookings. Our bookings need to be consecutive. i.e:

  • a two day booking can only be Monday and Tuesdays or Thursdays and Fridays.

  • a three day enrolment is Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday or Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.

We do not accept one day enrolments. We do this in the best interests of the child, as it is less disruptive for them and provides a greater sense of belonging to the Centre, the carers and the other children in the same attendance pattern.


Updating your requirements: If you have any changes to your wait-list information, please do not hesitate to advise us; letting us know your child's date of birth, name, and preferred days and commencement time assists our management of our places . 


Contacting us: You do not need to contact us regularly to confirm you are still on the list, or to remind us of your requirements - although we never mind having a chat, we do not increase priority from being regularly contacted, as we treat all parents and their childcare requests equally and in accordance with the Government's priority of access principles. Our preferred method of contact is e-mail.  


Contacting you:

Once you have submitted your form, it is really helpful if you e-mail us - to keep us informed of any changes in:

  • phone numbers;

  • e-mail addresses;

  • days required and flexibility, and

  • commencement date.


We will contact all parents periodically to advise you of:

* positions vacant;

* to remind you - that you are on our Wait List;

* to request updated information, and

* to ensure that parents wish to remain on the Wait-List.  


We conduct the majority of our Wait List communications via e-mail. 

Download Waitlist application here:

Electronic Expression of interest here:

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